Technical Articles

Visual Basic 6.0 Technical Support

For developers who are still using Visual Basic 6.0, the product transitioned into the non-supported phase of its lifecycle on April 8, 2008. This includes the Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions of Visual Basic 6.0, as well as those versions that were included as part of Visual Studio 6.0. Microsoft will no longer release service packs, hotfixes, security updates or provide incident su ...[Read More]

SocketTools Lifecycle

The current version of SocketTools is 9.3 Build 9320 released on May 14, 2018. Technical support is available for developers who have purchased a license for version 9.0 and later releases. If you have a version SocketTools 9.0 or a later version, updates to the current version are free.

SocketTools IPv6 Support

Although IPv6 has been getting a lot of attention recently, it’s actually been around for quite a while now. Work on the protocol began in the early 1990’s and there have been public IPv6 networks that have existed for well over a decade. Currently, IPv4 remains the dominant protocol used over the Internet (the worldwide adoption rate for IPv6 is approximately 20% as of 2018). However, this is cha ...[Read More]

Secure Connections Using SSL and TLS 1.0

Many server administrators are now explicitly disabling SSL and TLS 1.0, requiring TLS 1.1 at a minimum, with a preference for TLS 1.2. If your software uses SocketTools to establish secure connections, this can potentially have an impact on your applications.

SocketTools and Multi-threading

One of the errors that developers occasionally ask about is the “Handle not owned by the current thread error”; what it actually means and the situations in which it can occur. This doesn’t tend to be an error message that developers using the SocketTools ActiveX controls encounter. It is almost exclusively an issue related to the .NET and Library Editions. The reason this error ...[Read More]