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Managed .NET Classes

ActiveX Controls

Dynamic Link Libraries

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• Windows 11 and .NET 6.0
• File Transfers and Email
• Secure Private Cloud Storage
• GeoIP Location Services
• TLS 1.2 and SSH 2.0 Security
• OAuth 2.0 Authorization
• AES-256 Data Encryption
• Free Product Updates
• Unlimited Technical Support

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SocketTools is a complete collection of Internet components and libraries for the Windows platform.

  • All Major Internet Protocols
  • Security Using SSL, TLS and SSH
  • Performance and Reliability
  • x86 and x64 Windows Platforms
  • IPv6 Network Connections
  • Client and Server Components
  • Royalty Free Distribution
  • Free Product Updates
  • Unlimited Technical Support

There are three SocketTools editions that provide managed .NET classes, ActiveX controls and standard libraries which can be used with most programming languages.

SocketTools includes everything you need to build client and server applications quickly and easily.

Internet Components

Cloud Storage

Manage your application data using our private cloud storage service which enables you to securely upload and download data securely. No public third-party services are required, and there are no additional fees.

File Transfers

Upload and download files using FTP, SFTP and HTTP, along with secure file transfers using TLS 1.2 and SSH 2.0. You can also search for files, delete and rename files, move folders and perform other management tasks on the server.


Send and retrieve e-mail messages using the SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 mail protocols. Compose and process multipart MIME e-mails with HTML formatting and multiple file attachments with only a few lines of code.


Download newsfeed content from sites using the Rich Site Summary (RSS) format. This component can be used to monitor feeds to check for content changes and collect aggregate data from a variety of different websites.

Terminal Emulation

Connect to servers using the Telnet or Secure Shell (SSH) protocol to capture screen output or create an interactive terminal session. Emulation is provided for standard ANSI and DEC VT terminals.

GeoIP Location

Determine the geographical location of the local computer system using its external IP address. You can obtain information about their country, state and city, as well as their physical coordinates using longitude and latitude.

Data Encryption

General purpose data protection using strong AES 256-bit encryption. You can easily encrypt files, blocks of data in memory and strings with a single method call. Combine with our data compression features to secure your private data.

Text Messages

Send text messages to mobile devices using SMS (Short Message Service) gateways without requiring a third-party service. Notify your users when there are important updates or a critical event occurs.

Usenet News

List newsgroups, download files and images, and post news articles using the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP). Supports authentication and secure connections using TLS 1.2. Includes support for 64-bit article IDs.

Custom Servers

Design your own custom server protocol or embed a standard FTP or HTTP server in your software to provide data access and remote management features. Secure connections are supported using TLS 1.2.