SocketTools Documentation

The complete SocketTools 11 Developer's Guide and Technical Reference documentation for the current versions are available online.

SocketTools .NET Edition

Version 11.0.2194.1712 (26 Jun 2024)

SocketTools ActiveX Edition

Version 11.0.2194.1712 (26 Jun 2024)

SocketTools Library Edition

Version 11.0.2194.1712 (26 Jun 2024)

The SocketTools documentation is divided into two major sections, a Developer's Guide and a Technical Reference. The Developer's Guide provides an overview of the SocketTools components and how they can be used in your application. If you are not familiar with network programming and Internet protocols, it also provides some general information to help you familiarize yourself with the various protocols available.

The Technical Reference section deals with the specifics of each component or library in SocketTools. For the .NET classes and ActiveX controls, it provides detailed information for each property, method and event that can be used. For the SocketTools libraries, the documentation provides for both ANSI C function prototypes and the C++ classes, following the same general format used by Microsoft for the Windows API. Each library has a general information section, a list of functions or methods, and the data structures that are used.

You will find that most of the components and libraries share common interfaces. For example, the FTP and HTTP components implement completely different protocols, but have a similar interface. If you have questions about how to use a particular component, example code is also included with SocketTools and we provide technical support to evaluators as well as licensed developers.

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