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28 Years of Development

Catalyst Development Corporation was founded in 1995 to create and market components and applications for software developers. Today, Catalyst Development is a recognized leader in Internet component software whose award-winning products are used by thousands of corporate, government and independent developers around the world. With a talented staff of software developers, support technicians, marketing and business professionals, Catalyst remains focused on developing innovative products.

Our development, technical support and marketing teams are dedicated to meeting the needs of our expanding customer base as well as leveraging the underlying technology in our existing products to extend into new markets. Catalyst's future efforts remain focused on the development of software tools, libraries and components that will meet the complex needs of programmers building applications for the Microsoft Windows platform.


SocketTools has grown from a single product to a complete family of products designed to meet the needs of different types of developers in a variety of programming languages. The first version was released in 1996 and continues to serve as the flagship product for the company.

Each of the SocketTools editions include components and libraries for all of the major Internet protocols, support secure encrypted connections using SSL/TLS and provide extensive multi-platform support. Using SocketTools, a developer can create virtually any type of networking application for the Internet or corporate intranet on the Windows platform.

Innovation and Creativity

Our products focus on enabling developers to create innovative solutions to common problems, with everything they need to build great software on the Windows desktop and server platforms.

Quality and Reliability

We know that reliable components are an essential aspect of modern software development. Our focus on quality ensures that you have the best Internet .NET classes, ActiveX controls and libraries available.

Design and Development

Our components are designed to make it easy to rapidly add Internet functionality to a product with minimal coding. This enables developers to focus on improving their software and creating a better experience for their users.

Amazing Support

We know that any software component is only as good as the company that stands behind it. We want to do everything we can to help you succeed with your development projects. We provide free technical support and product updates for all of our products.

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