SocketTools Lifecycle

The current version of SocketTools is 10.0.1216.1586 released on December 20, 2019. Technical support for version 9.5 ended on December 31, 2019. Earlier versions of SocketTools have reached their end of support. Upgrade pricing is available to developers who have purchased a SocketTools 9 or earlier license.

SocketTools has a lifecycle that begins when a major version is released, and ends when the product is no longer supported. The following table lists the major releases of SocketTools:

VersionsOriginal ReleaseEnd of Support
10.0October 01, 2019Unscheduled
9.5September 17, 2018December 31, 2019
9.3 – 9.4February 7, 2018June 30, 2019
9.2August 16, 2017September 30, 2018
9.1March 30, 2017March 30, 2018
9.0October 16, 2016June 30, 2017
8.0July 10, 2013December 31, 2016
7.0 – 7.2March 2, 2011December 31, 2014
6.0September 8, 2008December 31, 2012
5.0February 21, 2007December 31, 2008
4.0 – 4.5March 29, 2004July 31, 2007
3.0 – 3.6January 26, 1999July 31, 2004
2.0December 1, 1997May 31, 1999
1.0April 3, 1996March 30, 1998

Support Policy

Technical support is only available for versions of SocketTools that are supported, or when a developer has purchased a priority or premium support agreement. Additional information about supported platforms and policies can be found in our Technical Support Policy. If you are requesting support for SocketTools, it may be necessary for you to update your development system to use the current release.

Product Downloads

The current versions of SocketTools are available from the download area of this site. If you require a previous version of a supported version of SocketTools, you can make a technical support request for a direct download link to the version that you require. Please provide the specific edition and build number that you need.

If you need a previous version of SocketTools that is no longer supported, you can purchase an archived version of the product. You will need your serial number for the version of SocketTools you’re requesting. You can contact us for assistance if you need more information, you aren’t sure what your serial number is, or if you aren’t sure which version of SocketTools you need. Please note that archived versions of SocketTools are not eligible for technical support.

Upgrade Policy

Major version upgrades are defined as those where the major version number changes, such as version 9 to version 10. An upgrade to the next major version release of SocketTools requires a new development license for that new version. Updates which do not change the major version number are free to all developers who have a development license for the same version of the product.

If you have an active SocketTools Subscription you are entitled to free upgrades to the next major version that is released. If you’ve purchased a license for a previous version of SocketTools, you’re entitled to special upgrade pricing, depending on the version that you own. You can check upgrade pricing and place an order for an upgrade using your current serial number.