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SocketTools and PowerShell

PowerShell is Microsoft’s command line shell and scripting development environment for the Windows platforms. It primarily serves as both a replacement for the classic command line (cmd.exe) and as an administrative tool that integrates much of the functionality that was previously found in other tools like Windows Scripting Host (WSH) and the Network Shell (netsh).

InternetServer Class For SocketTools .NET

The SocketTools .NET Edition includes the InternetServer class that was designed to simplify the implementation of a TCP/IP server application. With only a few lines of code, you can create the framework for a multi-threaded server that is completely event driven. You only need to create event handlers and then write your server code to respond to those network events.

SocketTools 64-bit Components

SocketTools provides both 32-bit and 64-bit components and libraries for the Windows platform. Although most applications today continue to be 32-bit, there is no question that 64-bit platforms are growing along with demand for native 64-bit applications. It’s estimated that over 90% of Windows 10 desktop installations are the 64-bit version, and virtually all desktop and laptop PCs have 64-bit pr ...[Read More]

SocketTools and Multi-threading

One of the errors that developers occasionally ask about is the “Handle not owned by the current thread error”; what it actually means and the situations in which it can occur. This doesn’t tend to be an error message that developers using the SocketTools ActiveX controls encounter. It is almost exclusively an issue related to the .NET and Library Editions. The reason this error ...[Read More]

SocketTools Message Store

SocketTools includes components for sending e-mail using SMTP, downloading and managing messages using POP3 or IMAP4 and a general purpose MIME component that can be used to parse messages and create new ones. However, one of the problems that developers often face is what to actually do with those messages once they have been sent or received. SocketTools has introduced a set of extensions to the ...[Read More]