Technical Articles

SocketTools Compression and Encoding

In addition to components and libraries to access Internet services, SocketTools also includes a general-purpose library your applications can use to easily compress, encode and encrypt data. We have already covered support for data encryption, and this article will discuss the encoding and compression components.

SocketTools Support For 32-bit Windows

Microsoft has announced they will begin phasing out support for 32-bit Windows, and they won’t be offering the Windows 10 May 2020 Update to OEMs for 32-bit systems. We want you to know what this means, and how it affects SocketTools and its future development. The important thing to keep in mind is that this announcement does not mean Microsoft is discontinuing all support for 32-bit Window ...[Read More]

SocketTools Encryption

SocketTools 10 introduced some general purpose functions which make it easier to encrypt and decrypt data. For the Library Edition, these functions were added to the Encoding and Compression API. For the .NET and the ActiveX Editions, they were added to the SocketTools.FileEncoder class. For technical details, refer to the online documentation.

SocketTools GeoIP Location

SocketTools provides an API and components for obtaining the physical location of a computer system based on its external IP address. This can enable developers to know where their application is being used, and provide functionality such as automatically completing information based on the location of the user. The connection to our location service is always secure and does not require you subsc ...[Read More]

SocketTools Cloud Storage

SocketTools provides a private cloud storage API and components for uploading and downloading shared data files which are available to your application. This is primarily intended for use by developers to store configuration information and other data generated by their application. For example, you can use it to store configuration settings or upload backup copies of critical application data. Th ...[Read More]