SocketWrench Components

The SocketWrench components provide a high-level interface for general TCP/IP networking services, including a multi-threaded Internet server class that supports secure connections using TLS. It includes .NET classes, ActiveX controls and native Windows 32-bit and 64-bit libraries.

The SocketTools.SocketWrench class provides a higher-level interface to the native sockets class, enabling developers to easily incorporate Internet functionality in their applications. It supports both the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP), can be used to create both client and server applications, and provides support for secure connections using SSL and TLS. With SocketWrench you can implement your own custom protocols and easily connect to other services.

The SocketTools.InternetServer class provides a general purpose, multithreaded server framework that can be used to create a custom server application. The server can accept multiple simultaneous client connections, and can be used with a typical desktop application or as part of a Windows service. The class interface is event driven, where your program simply implements its own event handlers to process the data sent by clients and respond to them. All of the client sessions are managed by the class, and it will not interfere with the main (UI) thread of the application which can perform its own tasks while the server is operating in the background. The class supports IPv4 and IPv6 network connections, and it can be configured to use either standard or secure connections using the SSL and TLS protocols.

The SocketTools.InternetDialer class enables an application to connect to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Using this class, an application can discover what devices and remote networks are available, and manage those connections. Existing connections can be monitored, new connections created and a single class can be used to manage multiple connections. This class provides your application with complete control over the process of connecting to a service provider or VPN, monitoring that connection and then terminating that connection if needed.

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