Supported Versions of Visual Studio

The Visual Studio releases supported by SocketTools 11 depends on the edition and languages being used. The following table lists which editions are compatible with Visual Studio and whether the edition is supported with that version.

Visual Studio .NET ActiveX Library x64 Support
6.0 (1998) 🞬 🞬
.NET (2002) 🞬 🞬 🞬 🞬
.NET 2003 🞬 🞬 🞬 🞬
2005 🞬 🞬 🞬
2008 🞬 🞬 🞬
2010 🞬
2012 🞬
2013 🞬
2015 🞬
2017 🞬
2019 🞬
2022 🞬

.NET Framework

The SocketTools .NET Edition provides classes for .NET 4.0 and later versions, including the current .NET 8.0 release. Support for .NET 1.1, 2.0 and 3.5 are deprecated and it is recommended you use .NET 4.5 as the minimum framework version. We may continue to make .NET assemblies available for older frameworks on request. However, they are for legacy application support and should not be used with new projects.

Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2022 on November 8, 2021. SocketTools fully supports this new version. It is recommended you download the current release for SocketTools, which includes support for Visual Studio 2022 and the latest .NET 8.0 SDK on Windows 11.

Visual Studio 2010

Although Microsoft ended support for Visual Studio 2010 on July 14, 2020, we will continue to provide support for that development environment with the current version of SocketTools. If you are still using Visual Studio 2010, we recommend beginning the transition to the current version of Visual Studio as soon as it’s feasible.

Visual Basic 6.0

Visual Basic 6.0 is a special case where we will continue to provide support for maintaining legacy applications on Windows. However, you must have Service Pack 6a installed, which was the last update Microsoft released. We also support the use of the SocketTools 32-bit libraries (DLLs) with Visual Basic.

ActiveX Controls

The SocketTools ActiveX controls are provided for legacy support of existing applications, primarily those written in Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro and similar languages. We do not recommend using the ActiveX controls with any unsupported version of Visual Studio.

The ActiveX Edition is not supported with the development of managed .NET applications. While .NET does provide support for referencing ActiveX controls, we only support the .NET Edition classes for the development of managed applications using the .NET Framework.

We cannot provide technical support for the ActiveX Edition controls using C++ and MFC. If you are developing a new application using Visual C++, we recommend using the Library Edition which includes C++ classes, provides support for Unicode projects and can target native x86 and x64 platforms.

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