Knowledge Base Articles

Unable to Establish SMTP Connection

An application which uses the SocketTools SMTP client component to submit e-mail messages for delivery fails with error 0x8004274C (10060) or error 0x8004274D (10061). This indicates that the connection has timed out, or was refused by the remote host.

InvalidOperationException Error

When attempting to run an application that uses one of the SocketTools .NET components, an InvalidOperation exception is generated. If the exception is not handled, a message box will be displayed that contains additional information about the error and then the program terminates.

Unable to Connect Using SSH

When attempting to establish a connection using the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol to a server, the connection fails with an error indicating that the connection could not complete. This error affects both the SocketTools SSH component and file transfers using the SFTP (FTP+SSH) protocol.

Networking Subsystem Not Initialized

Attempting to initialize a SocketTools .NET class, ActiveX control or library fails with an error indicating that the networking subsystem cannot be initialized. The application cannot establish a connection, and subsequent attempts to reinitialize the component also fails with the same error message.