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OpenSSL Installation Packages for Windows

OpenSSL is an open source toolkit that implements the SSL and TLS security protocols. We have made Windows installation packages available for OpenSSL 1.1.1c which was released on May 28, 2019.

Creating a Certificate Using OpenSSL

OpenSSL is an open source toolkit that can be used to create test certificates, as well as generate certificate signing requests (CSRs) which are used to obtain certificates from trusted third-party Certificate Authorities.

Creating a Certificate Using MakeCert

This article discusses the purpose of SSL/TLS server certificates and how to create a certificate that can be used for testing purposes on your own development system.

SocketTools Library Redistribution

When you create an application using the SocketTools Library Edition DLLs and you’re ready to deploy it, you must ensure the libraries you’re using are initialized correctly. This is done by providing a runtime license key to the initialization function for each of the SocketTools APIs you are using. It is important to note your runtime license key is not your product serial number. If ...[Read More]