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Unable to Establish Security Context

An error is returned when attempting to create a secure SSL or TLS connection indicating that the SocketTools component cannot establish a security context. This error can occur for several reasons, depending on the server configuration and the version of Windows the application is running on.

Connections Fail After Upgrading to Apache 2.4

Applications on unsupported versions of Windows may be unable to establish a secure connection to an Apache HTTP server after the server was upgraded to version 2.4. The same application was able to establish a secure connection with previous versions of the Apache server.

Reference Manager Lists Multiple Assemblies

When adding a new reference to your Visual Studio project by selecting Project | Add Reference, or right-clicking on the project in the Solution Explorer, the Reference Manager will show multiple versions of the same SocketTools assemblies in the list.

SocketTools Windows Installer Packages

SocketTools includes Windows Installer (MSI) packages which enable you to easily redistribute the components used in your projects. They are included with the developer installation package for each edition and available for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. There are several advantages to using our install packages in your setup project. The installers ensure the components and libraries are c ...[Read More]