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Using CreateObject in Visual Basic

The CreateObject function can be used in Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and VBScript to dynamically create an instance of a SocketTools ActiveX control. To redistribute an application which uses CreateObject with a SocketTools control, the control’s Initialize method must be called.

Installation Runtime Error

When attempting to install SocketTools, a message box is displayed with the error number 0x80040707 and the setup immediately terminates. Typically there is no description for the error code.

SocketTools Clarion Support Files

The SocketTools 9.3 Library Edition has function prototypes and examples available for the Clarion programming language. The minimum supported version of Clarion is 8.0 and we recommend that you use both the current release of SocketTools in your projects.

Blocking Operation in Progress Error

When attempting to perform a network operation, such as sending or receiving data, it fails with an error indicating that a blocking operation is in progress.