Knowledge Base Articles

Connections Fail Using Test Certificate

The SocketTools server components can use self-signed certificates to enable secure connections without requiring that you purchase and install a certificate from a Certificate Authority. These certificates are installed on the local host, and are typically used for testing purposes. However, when attempting to connect to the server using Chrome or Firefox, an error is returning specifying that the certificate is invalid. [Read More]

Unicode Support in SocketTools

SocketTools includes support for Unicode in several different ways, depending on the edition and development tools used. This article discusses how Unicode support is implemented for each edition. [Read More]

DllRegisterServer Fails with Error 0x80040200

When attempting to manually register a control from the command line using the RegSvr32.exe utility, an error is displayed stating that the ActiveX control was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80040200. [Read More]

SocketTools Clarion Support Files

The SocketTools 9.3 Library Edition has function prototypes and constants available for the Clarion programming language. The minimum supported version of Clarion is 8.0 and we recommend that you use both the current release of SocketTools and Clarion in your projects. [Read More]