Knowledge Base Articles

Creating a Runtime License Key

To redistribute an application created using one or more SocketTools components, the application must initialize each component with a runtime license key. This is discussed in several places in the help, including the Licensing Information section, the Initialization section in the Developer’s Guide and the initialization functions and/or methods in the Technical Reference. It is important ...[Read More]

Structured Data Over Stream Sockets

This article discusses several methods for exchanging structured messages over stream-based TCP sockets.

Connections Fail Using Test Certificate

The SocketTools server components can use self-signed certificates to enable secure connections without requiring that you purchase and install a certificate from a Certificate Authority. These certificates are installed on the local host, and are typically used for testing purposes. However, when attempting to connect to the server using Chrome or Firefox, an error is returning specifying that th ...[Read More]

Local Connections Using Microsoft Edge

SocketTools includes several server components, including a multi-threaded HTTP server. Initial testing is often done with the client and server connecting to one another on the local system, rather than over the Internet. When using the Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers, the connection to the local server is successful. However, connection attempts fail when using the Microsoft Edge b ...[Read More]