SocketTools 7.2 Released

SocketTools 7.2 has been released and is a recommended update for developers who are currently using version 7.0 or 7.1. This update includes a new text messaging (SMS gateway) component, as well as new features, fixes and improvements to existing components. We've added support for secure connections using TLS version 1.1 and 1.2, support for compressed HTTP downloads, and there's a number of new functions, properties and methods that we've added to our e-mail related components to make them easier to work with. We've also made some significant improvements to the documentation, and by popular request, we've included printable PDF versions of the help as well.

This is a free update for customers using version 7.x, and is a complete package that replaces the previous version. Note that because of the version change, we recommend that you uninstall the previous version of SocketTools before installing 7.2. This update also applies to the related products such as SocketWrench, SocketTools File Transfer and SocketTools Internet Mail.

You can download it using the same link that you were provided with when you ordered the software. The release notes are available on our website.

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