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Windows Installer (MSI) packages are available to simplify the redistribution of SocketTools components. These installers are included with SocketTools, but can also be downloaded separately if needed. Additional technical information is available in our knowledge base.

Product Version Download
SocketTools 11 .NET Edition 11.0.2180.1635 [x64] [x86]
SocketTools 11 ActiveX Edition 11.0.2180.1635 [x64] [x86]
SocketTools 11 Library Edition 11.0.2180.1635 [x64] [x86]
SocketTools 10 .NET Edition 10.0.1468.2520 [x64] [x86]
SocketTools 10 ActiveX Edition 10.0.1468.2520 [x64] [x86]
SocketTools 10 Library Edition 10.0.1468.2520 [x64] [x86]
SocketTools 9.5 .NET Edition 9.5.9530.3421 [x64] [x86]
SocketTools 9.5 ActiveX Edition 9.5.9530.3421 [x64] [x86]
SocketTools 9.5 Library Edition 9.5.9530.3421 [x64] [x86]
SocketTools 8.0 .NET Edition 8.0.8050.2614 [x64] [x86]
SocketTools 8.0 ActiveX Edition 8.0.8050.2614 [x64] [x86]
SocketTools 8.0 Library Edition 8.0.8050.2614 [x64] [x86]

If you’re redistributing a 32-bit application, then all you need is the x86 installer package. If you’re redistributing a 64-bit application, then you need the x64 installer package. The installer packages will make sure the SocketTools components and libraries are installed in the correct location and will perform the appropriate version checking.

If you have your own installer for your software, then you can redistribute those MSI packages with your installation and use the msiexec command to perform the installation. For example, this would install the SocketTools 11 32-bit .NET interop libraries with no UI displayed:

msiexec /i cstools11_interop_x86.msi /qn

For the complete list of command line options for msiexec, refer to

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