SocketTools 8.0 Library Edition


The SocketTools Library Edition includes dynamic link libraries (DLLs), technical reference documentation and examples. This product is licensed per developer, with unlimited redistribution and free technical support.

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6 reviews for SocketTools 8.0 Library Edition

  1. Martin Evans

    Utilisoft is a specialist software developer for the energy industry and other corporate sectors. We have been users of the SocketTools Library edition for the last 15 years, and fans of the product for all of that time. We use it to allow our customers to write scripted customizations and apply them within our data entry toolset. Our scripting language is much simpler than C++ or C# and so allows non-technical developers to utilize some quite advanced features. For example, one of our customers, who has never had any sort of training in programming, was able to access the https features of SocketTools to link a data entry field into a credit checking service, utilizing a Webservice API. The first we heard was after they had completed the work.

    We have found the SocketTools products to be highly reliable and easy to use, and the service we get from Cary and the team has been exceptional at all times.

  2. Mark Strickland

    As a professional software developer I have used SocketTools to accelerate the development of lots of things. It was very easy to embed SFTP functionality in several programs. One was used to upload and download to license files stored in a Cloud Server. This made the update of a customer license a “one click” secure operation. SocketTools also was integrated into a software package backup option to push a ZIP file to the same Cloud Server. A pharmacy package I supported had a fully integrated feature to upload data to many state pharmacy boards, again with only a few clicks. Each had different specs and SocketTools made it easy for every state. This was a feature that normally could only be found on packages costing thousands of dollars more and avoided a very tedious and error prone operation to upload data manually using various state pharmacy board Websites. The same pharmacy package also used SocketTools and SSL encryption to send live on-line insurance claims with nearly 100% reliability for thousands of transaction.

    One other little cool utility checks an IMAP server for new email messages and sends a text message to a specified mobile phone that I did not want to burden with the whole email box.

    I have occasionally needed tech support to clarify an issue and every time the advice was quick and helped me solve the problem.

    If you need a multi-versatile communications package for Windows you cannot find anything better than SocketTools.

  3. Kyle Alons

    SocketTools has been a valuable component in our automated build tool, Visual Build ( We used it to implement most of Visual Build’s networking actions, greatly reducing the time needed to incorporate FTP, HTTP, SMTP, Telnet, and other networking capabilities into our application. Catalyst’s support is also top-notch, with quick response times for support questions and bug reports. I highly recommend SocketTools to anyone looking for a robust networking component for their Windows or web applications.

  4. Don Lowenstein

    We are a software development company that provides solutions to the banking industry in the US and Canada. We have been in existence nearly 30 years. Technology changes rapidly and we’ve learned that we are usually more effective in meeting those changes using trusted tools instead of reinventing wheels when we don’t have to.

    One such change is the “cloud” being used extensively as an extension of our clients’ local area networks. In order to meet the challenges of these new requirements we choose to make the SocketTools Library part of our development environment.

    We especially like the high level functions that eliminate 100’s of lines of code and many hours of programming. Our company is not a “cloud connectivity” expert – we are banking experts. SocketTools Library makes cloud network connectivity seamless and invisible and brings value added to our banking solutions.

  5. Mike Bishop

    We have been using the Catalyst SocketTools Library for several years and have found it to be the most reliable and well-built add on software library we have ever used. We build commercial cloud based (SaaS) Labor Management software where we use the SocketTools library as a middleware layer between our applications and back end database. I would recommend Catalyst Products to anyone, if you are looking for an excellent middleware system Catalyst Products are the only game in town!

  6. Robert Paresi

    InnQuest Software Corporation, based in Tampa Florida, is a leading provider of hotel systems for more than 5,000 hotels in more than 100 countries. Since hotels have to communicate with many different systems through-out the day, InnQuest relies heavily on Catalyst SocketTools. Some of these include communication to the bank for credit card processing, or Expedia for reservations, gift card transactions, phone and voicemail systems and even the electronic keylocks on the door. Hotel front desk staff can even send SMS messages to guests letting them know when their room is ready using the SocketTools SMS functions.

    In fact, InnQuest transacts more than 1 million credit card transactions per month securely with the INET library and more than 5 million reservation messages per month with the HTTP library.

    We use Catalyst exclusively for all our secure HTTP, FTP, WinSock, Mail, and SMS needs for many years. We find not only the Catalyst staff extremely helpful if we need them, but the tools to be powerful and flawless.

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