SocketTools 8.0 ActiveX Edition


The SocketTools ActiveX Edition includes ActiveX controls (OCXs), technical reference documentation and examples. This upgrade is licensed per developer, with unlimited redistribution and free technical support.

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  1. We have over 22,000 doctors using our software nationwide to integrate their medical systems and exchange clinical and financial data between their systems and to Health Information Exchanges, Accountable Care Organizations, Payers, Registries, and other entities. To accomplish this we use mostly our own technologies coupled with SocketTools. SocketTools supports our sFTP connections. We use the ActiveX Edition with Visual FoxPro 9 IDE.

    We’ve used SocketTools for many years. In the past, when we’ve had some rare problems, we’ve worked with SocketTools to either find a workaround or they have produced a fix to handle the unusual situation we had.

    We choose the SocketTools library specifically to avoid writing our own sFTP capability, as there are many variables in sFTP servers and encryption layers. SocketTools was well worth the money for the royalty free library.

  2. Recently, we were faced with some extremely complex HTTPS/SSL interface issues that caused many hours of downtime for our customers whom depend on us to deliver real-time data information services to their infrastructures. We attempted to use pure .NET solutions to solve the issues with absolutely no luck. We then went outside for help and went through 3 separate expert consulting firms whom all were unable to solve our issues.

    After much discussion with Cary Harwin and the Catalyst Support Team, we found the solution to our problems. That solution was SocketTools! The fact is, we were able to overcome our issues within 2 days using the SocketTools components.

    We are so grateful to the whole team at Catalyst and especially Cary Harwin, whose patience and understanding was awesome!

    Thanks Catalyst!

  3. The SocketTools suite has proven valuable for me in several applications I have developed using the secure FTP and email components. The examples provided with the software has proven invaluable resulting in a shorter development time.

    I developed an imaging application which accesses mailboxes on our exchange server, processes the parts of the email, and produces a single combined image for our imaging repository. If the email does not conform to expected standards, the same email component is used to construct and send the email back to the sender notifying them of the non-conformity. The mail components of SocketTools simplifies this process significantly.

    I also developed an automated application which connects to a credit bureau FTP site, checks for new available files, and downloads them to our system for processing. All components needed were available within the SocketTools suite for me to complete this automation project. Additional products have been developed for connection to other data providers as well.

    I recommend the Catalyst SocketTools products to any serious developer who needs TCIP connectivity. The return on your investment will be realized in your first development project by shorter development time and the reliability of the components.

  4. I’m involved in a project where there is software running on an OpenVMS system, talking to a proxy server on a PC, which in turn talks to a large corporate system using a SOAP protocol. We tried it using a couple different sets of code-generating tools for the proxy component, both of which ultimately failed because various low-level protocol tidbits weren’t controllable thru the API (that was all handled for us, unfortunately, not in a way that worked with the corporate system.) The effort to not succeed at this ran into several weeks.

    Finally, we got SocketTools, and used the “HTTP” control, and were able to get to a working prototype in a few days, and it’s now in production. I ran into a couple bumps in the road, and emailed Catalyst tech support, got helpful advice in a hurry.

  5. I have been using SocketTools for 10 years or more and it has never let me down. We use the tools mainly for sending emails and FTP transfer from applications that we write for in house use as well as some commercial applications we developed. We used it to develop our quotation system that sends emails to potential customers, another app sends automated customer update emails and transfers information to and from our website.

    We also used it to develop an offsite FTP based backup solution that is used on a daily basis and has not failed us once. Another application we developed can monitor processes and services running on our computers and if one stops, it sends an email to the engineer meaning that our systems are always running; we could not have done any of this without SocketTools. So, if anyone is looking for a comprehensive toolkit for network and internet protocols, Catalyst SocketTools is the way to go, whatever programming language you use.

  6. Trimar Software Pty Ltd is a small Australian software company that provides a range of accounting products to professional accountants and their clients. Some years ago, we needed to introduce an email facility and I found Catalyst on the web and bought their SocketTools product. It was just what we needed. What was particularly helpful were the code examples for SMTP that clearly showed how many features operated. Our Payroll clients can now email their Payslips to their employees on a regular basis.

    We also have an investment product and we enable users of that product to access our web site using the FTP module from SocketTools, to download company market values. The FTP module is also used by clients to check the current update status of their software by having their software FTP from our web site the latest software version number and comparing this against their own. Catalyst has always been very helpful. Just recently our web host upgraded to SFTP and this required that we updated SocketTools. The update was painless and Catalyst staff extremely helpful.

  7. We have been using Catalyst Tools with outstanding success. We recognized early the robust features and quality code base that is provided to developers like us and our experience with the software has been excellent.

    In 2001 we started a search for communication tools to help us create a targeted and secured data transfer module that could be embedded into our software. We chose SocketTools and developed a communications module that has been functioning trouble free by about 1,000 users for almost 13 years. The base code is reliable and well thought out.

    The examples provided by Catalyst are outstanding and proved to be a very good starting point for use to develop the code to our requirements. You will find the code easy to read and understand. The questions we posed to Catalyst support were answered promptly.

    Lastly, Catalyst has safe guarded our investment by keeping their tool set up-to-date as was evidenced when we had to move our product that was created in an Windows XP era and needed to now work in a Windows 7 / 8. Their new version was available and with minimal work and a recompile our module was ready for use on these new operating systems.

    I highly recommend you take a look at their product offering.

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