World IPv6 Day

Today has been designated as World IPv6 Day, when the largest Internet backbones and many of the major Internet search engines and social network sites will test IPv6 deployment. It was originally promoted earlier this year by Akamai, Facebook, Google, Limelight and Yahoo to determine if there were any major problems with IPv6 connectivity and to generally promote the transition away from the legacy IPv4 protocol that is still predominantly used.

For those of you with an IPv6 connection, you can test that connection to us using If your IPv6 connectivity is limited to tunneling using Teredo, most browsers will not be able to connect to the site because they won’t resolve a host name to an IPv6 address if Teredo is the only IPv6 interface configured on the local system. Note that SocketTools works a bit differently. If a host name only has an IPv6 address associated with it, it will attempt to connect to the system, even if the only IPv6 interface is a Teredo tunnel.

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