Visual Studio 2022 Preview Released

Microsoft has released the first preview build of Visual Studio 2022 and it is available for everyone to test. The most significant change is the switch to the IDE now being natively 64-bit, allowing extremely large solutions to be loaded.

The primary focus of the first preview is going to be on stability, with newer features and performance improvements coming in subsequent preview builds.

Visual Studio 2022 Preview Download

SocketTools Editions

SocketTools will fully support the new version of Visual Studio when it releases, and we are currently testing our libraries and .NET components. Visual Studio 2022 includes .NET 6.0 and we already have preview builds of our components available.

We will also update our examples and explicitly target some of the newer features. For the C/C++ examples, we'll be switching them to use the latest toolset version and frameworks.

We do not plan on deprecating support for earlier versions of Visual Studio. We will continue to support projects developed using Visual Studio 2010 and later.

Technical Support

If you are testing Visual Studio 2022 and run into any problems using the SocketTools components or libraries, we would like to get your feedback. We will provide technical support for the preview, although it may be limited based on the nature of the issue.

We are particularly interested in problems developing with SocketTools in Visual Studio 2022 which cannot be replicated in previous versions. This could include problems with referencing one of the .NET classes, or compiler or linker errors will the latest C++ toolset.

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