SocketTools .NET 6.0 Framework Preview

Microsoft has released a preview version of a next major .NET Framework release, which started with .NET 5.0 and the unification of the .NET 4.8 Framework with .NET Core 3.1. It enables developers to use a single framework and runtime with uniform behavior with support on multiple platforms.

To work with the .NET 6.0 Preview, you will need to install the latest preview release of Visual Studio 2022 Preview (currently 17.0.0 Preview 3.1).

You can use these download links for the Visual Studio previews and the current .NET 6.0 Framework.

  Visual Studio 2022 Preview
  Microsoft .NET 6.0 Preview

A preview release of the SocketTools .NET components can be downloaded here:

  SocketTools 10 .NET 6.0 Preview 7

The minimum required version of SocketTools is 10.0.1282.1986, released on 18 Aug 2021. If you have an earlier version of SocketTools, you will need to upgrade to the current release. This update is free to developers who have a version 10 license.

Microsoft has scheduled general availability for the .NET 6.0 Framework in November 2021 and it is included with Visual Studio 2022. SocketTools Build 1282 and later includes support for the .NET 6.0 preview assemblies as part of our standard distribution. We will not be backporting support for .NET 6.0 to previous versions of SocketTools.

SocketTools 10 remains focused on Windows desktop and server development and will only provide support for those platforms. If you have any questions about using the .NET 6.0 assemblies, please contact us.

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