SocketWrench was originally a separate product, and is included with each of the SocketTools editions. There are managed .NET classes for Visual Basic and C#, ActiveX controls (OCXs) for use with languages such as Visual Basic 6.0 and dBase, and standard windows libraries (DLLs) for use with C++ and most other Windows programming languages.

SocketWrench is a general purpose TCP/IP networking component designed to simplify the development of Internet client and server applications. Using SocketWrench, you can connect to virtually any service over the Internet, and can even create your own custom servers. With SocketWrench, you can integrate network functionality in your own software, and you don’t need to be an expert in network programming.

SocketWrench .NET Class

The SocketTools .NET Edition includes the SocketWrench class library designed for the .NET Framework that can be used with Visual Studio 2005 and later versions, including Visual Studio 2013. SocketWrench provides full support for general purpose Internet programming and can be used to create both client server applications.

Easier to use than the System.Net.Sockets classes, SocketWrench also includes support for secure connections using the industry standard SSL and TLS protocols. By simply setting a few properties, a secure connection using strong encryption can be established, providing your application with the greatest flexibility and highest level of security available.

The SocketWrench .NET class interface was also designed to be similar to the SocketWrench ActiveX control, making it easier to migrate older Visual Basic applications to the .NET platform.

SocketWrench ActiveX Control

The SocketTools ActiveX Edition includes the SocketWrench ActiveX control (OCX) for development using languages such as Visual Basic 6.0, dBase and PowerBuilder. If you need to maintain legacy applications or prefer to use ActiveX components, SocketWrench offers a way to easily include Internet functionality in an application.

In addition to supporting standard network connections, SocketWrench also supports secure, encrypted connections using the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols. As a lightweight ATL based control, SocketWrench has no dependencies on third-party libraries or the Visual C runtime, which means that there are no complex redistribution requirements.

SocketWrench Library and C++ Classes

The SocketTools Library Edition includes a general purpose TCP/IP library that can be used with virtually any programming language to create client and server applications. It provides an interface that is much easier to use than the standard Windows Sockets API, and includes integrated support for secure connections using SSL and TLS.

The Library Edition provides C++ classes, along with function declarations and constants for a variety of other languages, such as Visual Basic, Object Pascal (Delphi) and PowerBASIC.

The SocketTools libraries are high performance libraries with no external dependencies, and do not require COM registration. You can simply install them in the same folder with your application executable, without worrying about compatibility with other third-party libraries or additional redistribution requirements.