Subscription Benefits

The SocketTools Subscription provides you with the latest version of SocketTools and all of the components and libraries in each edition. This includes the .NET classes, ActiveX controls and libraries. With the subscription, you can use SocketTools with virtually any Windows programming language and project type.

You have access to priority support through your entire development process, from design and implementation through deployment and maintenance. Your subscription also ensures that you always have the latest version of SocketTools available. The following benefits are included with the subscription.

Software and Services

The SocketTools Subscription includes access to the complete library of SocketTools products. Your license enables you to download the current version of SocketTools, as well as previous versions for project maintenance and support. Our per-developer licensing allows you to install and use the software as much as you need in your development projects.

When a new version of SocketTools is released, you are entitled to upgrade to the new version at no additional cost. Because new versions of SocketTools have unique serial numbers, you will need to submit a support request to receive your new serial number and license key. You can continue to use your current version of SocketTools and upgrade at any time during your subscription period.

Technical Support

The SocketTools Subscription includes priority technical support that you can use for help with technical issues in development and production environments, and to answer any questions that you may have about how to use the SocketTools components. Priority support includes the following:

  • Unlimited technical support by email for any installation, development, debugging and redistribution issues.
  • All responses are guaranteed on the same business day and are prioritized over standard support requests. Support requests submitted on weekends or holidays will be responded to on the next working day.
  • Automatic email notification of new product updates, service packs and hotfixes as they become available. Please make sure that your mail server is configured to accept email from the domain.
  • If a change to the product’s source code is required to resolve the issue, a hotfix will be sent directly to you as soon as it’s available rather than waiting for the next general service pack update.

To open a support issue, use the Support Request form and provide as much detailed information as possible.