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The SocketTools Subscription includes .NET classes, ActiveX controls (OCXs) and libraries (DLLs). Technical reference documentation and examples are included, with free product upgrades and priority technical support.

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5 reviews for SocketTools 8.0 Subscription

  1. Gary Gorsline

    We have over 22,000 doctors using our software nationwide to integrate their medical systems and exchange clinical and financial data between their systems and to Health Information Exchanges, Accountable Care Organizations, Payers, Registries, and other entities. To accomplish this we use mostly our own technologies coupled with SocketTools. SocketTools supports our sFTP connections. We use the ActiveX Edition with Visual FoxPro 9 IDE.

    We’ve used SocketTools for many years. In the past, when we’ve had some rare problems, we’ve worked with SocketTools to either find a workaround or they have produced a fix to handle the unusual situation we had.

    We choose the SocketTools library specifically to avoid writing our own sFTP capability, as there are many variables in sFTP servers and encryption layers. SocketTools was well worth the money for the royalty free library.

  2. Marshall Hodgekiss

    We have been using SocketTools in our small business accounting series CASHMAN since VB3.

    The SMTP tool has allowed us to embed a function for the emailing of client data to their accountant with absolutely no fuss and without concern for the email client being used.

  3. Nick Romano

    As a veteran of the software development industry, I have employed SocketTools in hundreds of applications, both in-house as well as in commercial software products. Beginning with the VB6 platform, SocketTools has provided an invaluable high-level interface enabling us to rapidly build advanced IP connectivity applications in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the headache that would otherwise come with implementing complex native API solutions. The proliferation of connectivity-based applications and services demands TCP/IP core competencies. With only limited experience of underlying IP protocols, I’ve found that most programmers can quickly grasp the SocketTools classes and bring an application from concept to production very quickly. Doing anything from a simple DNS lookup to a multi-threaded IP sockets host listener is a snap.

  4. Pauli Porkka

    We have been using SocketTools for several years now and it provided us an easy to use, well documented and extremely reliable library. Our company created server software that needs to respond and handle incoming TCP/IP requests 24/7 quickly without failing and as little overhead as possible. A few hundred of our customers use that software to serve thousands of their own customers’ network requests every day. Only problem we had in the beginning a couple of years ago was handled really fast by the Catalyst support staff, even then the actual cause of the problem was not in their SocketTools. Excellent Software and support.

  5. Steven Powell

    During a time when my company was reducing IT staff, requests were not. An urgent request for a new application requirement was given to my group which would have involved sending a file to a mainframe environment via FTP. We had manual tools to accomplish this task, but an automation process within the application was the requirement. Due to the short turnaround time the application was needed within and with a lack of programmer resources, I investigated alternatives. SocketTools was the front runner to fill the FTP void. To verify, their trial version was used to test the environment. It worked, so a license was purchased. The application was completed ahead of schedule – largely thanks to SocketTools.

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