SocketTools 8.0 .NET Edition


The SocketTools .NET Edition includes managed .NET classes, technical reference documentation and examples. This upgrade is licensed per developer, with unlimited component redistribution and free technical support.

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6 reviews for SocketTools 8.0 .NET Edition

  1. Peter Hoadley

    Our company develops a set of tools used by options traders. Since 2004 we have used SocketWrench (now included in SocketTools) in our software to link to a number of data providers to bring in streaming real-time quotes to our customers desktop applications. During that time our platform has migrated from VB 6.0 and COM to .NET, and from exclusively 32-bit applications to a combination of 32-bit and 64-bit applications. These significant platform migrations have all gone smoothly, in large part due to the high degree of SocketTools backward compatibility. Source code changes to our software to upgrade to .NET and 64-bit versions of SocketTools were minimal. The software has been 100% reliable. Any support requirements we have had over the 11 years we have been customer have always been handled to our complete satisfaction in a prompt and professional manner. Highly recommended.

  2. Christian Vardin

    SocketTools is a solid product with quality documentation. Support is also top notch! Highly recommend SocketTools!

  3. Trent McElhaney

    I have used SocketTools .NET edition for several years. I have developed several applications that are used by end users to communicate with electronics products that we design.

    The power of SocketTools is a good range of tools, reasonable cost, good documentation, good examples and support. There are always free and single executable ways meaning just using windows DLL’s but good luck finding documentation and getting support in using them.

    I am an intermediate programmer and SocketTools has helped to simplify my programming needs.

    In my applications I currently use Email, UDP and TCP connections and FTP.

  4. Luis Amell

    I was way past a deadline, for about four weeks. The software I was working on had to connect, via Internet and local network, had to log variable information (temperature, humidity, time, machine names, sensor names, etc) from a series of instruments and gather all the data in a single computer, and display in real time and log to a database it’s different values. I was trying to use VS own network framework and it was frustrating. For weeks and weeks, the more I learnt the more complex it became, and the further away from my goal I was.

    After about three weeks, I decided that instead of trying to be a master in the VS Framework, I needed software that could do that part for me, and of course I started the search, and found several solutions, SocketTools was one of them, but I thought it was too simple at first, so, left it for last option. About 4 days of trying the others software, and being overwhelmed with nearly the same problems as with VS, decided it was time to give SocketTools the opportunity. Boy, I was surprised! In one hour I was connected to another computer in the same network, by the next day (about 6 hours, programming time), the software was fully gathering the data from all the instruments.

    SocketTools is so easy to use. Read the documentation first, and it will all be so easy to implement and use.

  5. JW

    I use SocketTools .NET edition. I downloaded the trial edition and was surprised at how easy it was to use. I used SocketTools .NET to give my .NET app the ability to SSH into my Debian Servers for the purposes of server administration. Within 10 minutes of installing SocketTools .NET I was able to SSH into my server from my app. By SSH’ing into my server from my .NET app, my users can maintain their Debian Servers without any knowledge of Linux. Of course I purchased a license from the website and it was quickly delivered.

    Catalyst products are well documented. I have not had the need to contact support or go out looking around to figure out how to use their products.

    I cannot stress enough how easy SocketTools is to use. I was blown away by how quickly I got the job done. As a single developer I was able to quickly accomplish the tasks at hand without having to write a bunch of code to handle the SSH’ing.

    Good Job Catalyst, Your products are an incredible value, you saved me many hours of coding to accomplish my tasks. I recommend SocketTools to all .NET developers.

  6. Steven Powell

    During a time when my company was reducing IT staff, requests were not. An urgent request for a new application requirement was given to my group which would have involved sending a file to a mainframe environment via FTP. We had manual tools to accomplish this task, but an automation process within the application was the requirement. Due to the short turnaround time the application was needed within and with a lack of programmer resources, I investigated alternatives. SocketTools was the front runner to fill the FTP void. To verify, their trial version was used to test the environment. It worked, so a license was purchased. The application was completed ahead of schedule – largely thanks to SocketTools.

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