Software Development Resources

Programming Languages

  • D Programming Language - A systems programming language similar to C++
  • Pelles C - A free C IDE for the Windows platform
  • PowerBASIC - A high performance 32-bit BASIC compiler for Windows
  • PureBasic - A native BASIC compiler for Windows, Linux and MacOS X
  • Visual Studio Express - Free version of Visual Studio for students and hobbyists.
  • Xojo - An object oriented BASIC compiler for Windows, Linux and MacOS X

.NET Development

Visual Basic Development

  • VBCity - Visual Basic developer forums, tutorials and source code
  • VBForums - Visual Basic developer forums
  • ITtoolbox - Technical discussion, job postings and news
  • VBNet - Visual Basic developers resource center

General Development

  • AppVisor - Portable Application Description (PAD) file manager
  • CodeGuru - Source code, articles and discussion forums for developers
  • CODE Magazine - Magazine for professional software developers
  • DevX - Online information service for Visual Basic, Java and C++ developers
  • Planet Source Code - The largest public source code database on the Internet
  • Programmers' Heaven - C++, Visual Basic and Java source code and tutorials
  • StackOverflow - Question and answer site for professional developers
  • Visual Studio Magazine - Magazine for Visual Studio developers