SocketTools Lifecycle

The current version of SocketTools is 9.3 Build 9320 released on May 14, 2018. Technical support is available for developers who have purchased a license for version 9.0 and later releases. If you have a version SocketTools 9.0 or a later version, updates to the current version are free.

Using CreateObject in Visual Basic

The CreateObject function can be used in Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and VBScript to dynamically create an instance of a SocketTools ActiveX control. To redistribute an application which uses CreateObject with a SocketTools control, the control’s Initialize method must be called.

Installation Runtime Error

When attempting to install SocketTools, a message box is displayed with the error number 0x80040707 and the setup immediately terminates. Typically there is no description for the error code.

Visual Basic 6.0 Technical Support

For developers who are using still Visual Basic 6.0, the product transitioned into the non-supported phase of its lifecycle on April 8, 2008. This includes the Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions of Visual Basic 6.0, as well as those versions that were included as part of Visual Studio 6.0. Microsoft will no longer release service packs, hotfixes, security updates or provide incident su ...[Read More]