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Building Visual C++ 6.0 Projects

When building a SocketTools project using Visual C++ 6.0 on Windows XP or later, make sure that you have installed Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 6 (SP6) and the Windows Platform SDK February 2003 Edition.

Compilation Errors Using Visual C++ 6.0

Compiling an application using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 with the SocketTools Library Edition APIs can result in error C2501 “missing storage-class or type specifiers” during compilation. This error occurs because earlier versions of Visual C++ and the Windows SDK did not define the DWORD_PTR data type, which is used throughout the SocketTools header file. This error can also occur with ...[Read More]

Maximum Socket Connections

The total number of sockets that can be created using the SocketTools controls or libraries varies, based on the version of Windows and the amount of physical memory that is available. It is also important to distinguish between the number of sockets that can be allocated by a client application and the number of inbound connections a server can accept.

Uploading Files to an IIS 7.5 Web Server

When attempting to upload a file to an IIS web server using the HTTP PUT command, the transfer fails with a 404 error. The server administrator had used the IIS Lockdown Tool to secure the server.