Internet Mail Control

The Internet Mail Control was originally a separate product, and its functionality is now found in the SocketTools .NET Edition and SocketTools ActiveX Edition. There are managed .NET classes for Visual Basic and C#, and ActiveX controls (OCXs) for use with languages such as Visual Basic 6.0 and dBase Plus.

SocketTools Internet Mail Control provides .NET components and ActiveX controls to access e-mail services, allowing developers to easily implement this functionality in their own software without requiring general knowledge of network programming or specific application protocols. The POP3 and IMAP4 protocols are used to download and manage the messages for a user, and the SMTP protocol is used for sending messages. Both standard and secure connections are supported using the standard SSL and TLS security protocols.

Internet Mail .NET Class

The SocketTools .NET Edition includes managed class libraries that can be used with Visual Studio 2005 and later versions, including Visual Studio 2015. If you are using the Internet Mail .NET product, this is the SocketTools edition you’ll want to use.

If you are migrating from VB6 or another language that used our ActiveX controls, you’ll find that the .NET class interfaces have a similar design, with many of the same properties and methods. It will make it easier to convert your existing code to the .NET platform, without having to completely rewrite all of your software that used the Internet Mail control.

Internet Mail ActiveX Control

The SocketTools ActiveX Edition includes ActiveX controls (OCXs) that can be used with Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic for Applications, dBase Plus, PowerBuilder or any other programming language that can use ActiveX controls or COM objects. They can also be used with scripting languages such as VBScript to provide email functionality. If you were using the Internet Mail ActiveX control, this the SocketTools edition you’ll want to use.