File Transfer Freeware Installed

Thank you for installing our File Transfer Freeware

Get ready to build some amazing software!

The File Transfer component is completely free to use.

Includes both a Visual Studio .NET class and ActiveX control.

Upload and download files using FTP and HTTP.

Manage files remotely using standard FTP commands.

There are no licensing fees, redistribute to any number of end users.

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Upgrade to the full SocketTools product for secure connections!

SocketTools File Transfer 8.0

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Your freeware license entitles you to build any number of applications and freely redistribute the components to any number of users. There are certain features which are only available as part of our commercial SocketTools product line and are not included as part of the freeware software. If your application requires secure, encrypted connections and other advanced features, you can purchase a SocketTools license.

Technical support is not available for the freeware; however, you can access our online support resources such as our knowledge base and online help. Purchasing a SocketTools license entitles you to free, unlimited technical support. Additional technical reference documentation and example programs are included with the product.