Technical Articles

November 2014 Security Updates

Microsoft released several important security updates, and there’s been some confusion over the impact of these vulnerabilities and the systems that they affect. One has been a vulnerability in the Schannel security provider that could allow remote code execution. Another update addressed a problem with their Kerberos implementation that could allow for privilege escalation. And finally, there was ...[Read More]

World IPv6 Day

Today has been designated as World IPv6 Day, when the largest Internet backbones and many of the major Internet search engines and social network sites will test IPv6 deployment. It was originally promoted earlier this year by Akamai, Facebook, Google, Limelight and Yahoo to determine if there were any major problems with IPv6 connectivity and to generally promote the transition away from the lega ...[Read More]

No More IPv4 Addresses for APNIC

Today, the regional registrar APNIC, which is responsible for allocating IP addresses in Asia, has run out of freely available IPv4 addresses. This means that everyone who requests an IPv4 address in countries like China and India (where Internet usage is growing very rapidly) will not be able to get one. The next registrar that is predicted to exhaust their pool of IPv4 addresses is RIPE, which i ...[Read More]

IPv4 Addresses Exhausted

On January 31st, the last of the last of the available IPv4 address blocks were allocated by the IANA. The APNIC registrar requested the last two unreserved /8 address blocks, and this automatically triggered the release of the last 5 reserved address blocks, one to each of the five regional Internet registries (RIRs). Today, the IANA had a ceremony and press conference that commemorated the event ...[Read More]